Property Management

About Us

TOSCANA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT started in 2003 and has since grown to become one of the leading indigenous company involved in Civil Structural and Mechanical Electrical Engineering, Construction Project Management services.

TOSCANA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT provides a comprehensive approach to complex and often interrelated development problems. Drawing from our core skilled staff, as well as our extensive human resources database containing information on modern construction methods/procedures used around the world, we are able to provide quality-construction services addressing issues in nearly every development sector.

TOSCANA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT offers professional services to clients, which combine Land Development, Construction. The latest features of modern project management techniques and the classic methods of time and budgetary control are utilized. Advice, if appropriate, on the acquisition of specialist services are proffered.

TOSCANA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT are masters in the provision of unique construction approaches merging tradition with technology to provide the finishing that clients can be proud of.

Our main objectives are planning, design, construction/construction supervision and contract administration for new, alterations and improvements, refurbishment and modernization and extensions to all types of property including housing-real estate, retail, commercial and industrial buildings.

Residential Commercial and Interior